Birka and Hovgården
One World Heritage, two islands

To get to Birka you need to go by boat.
I have a boat and driving tours of Lindby bridge (south Adelsö).
Easier guidance and detailed guide folders are included.
You decide the time you want to be at Birka.
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To Adelsö and Hovgården you can come by car and bus 312 from Brommaplan. Ferry crossing takes 5 minutes and the ferry runs at least every 30 minutes. The ferry is free and takes both car and bus.
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Guide folder
A detailed guide folder for those who want to explore Birka and Hovgården on their own. One for Birka and one for Hovgården, Swedish and English.
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A real guide
Book me as a guide at Birka and Hovgården and in the Runestone park.
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Runestone park
In Lindby on southern Adelsö, there is my Runstone park with old rune stones that appear as new. Here is my workplace for new rune stones, a kiosk and a flea market. A quiz walk is also here.
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